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Marché Belleville


I have something I really want to tell you guys about! Last week I went with a group from my language school to the Belleville Markets- which is know for the smallest prices and the muliticulturism. I have to say this is the most amazing experience I had in quite a while.

The fruit and vegetables on this market doesn't only look really really fresh but is also really really tasty! All the people yell how much their fruit, bread or vegetables cost and try to sell their products as the best! It is quite an adventure to see how people try to bargain the price of already really really cheap strawberries to the most tiniest prices. Also the flood of different languages, is extrodinary.

If you are on a Tuesday or Friday in Paris go there! The opening hours are from 7.00-14.30, Metro: Belleville.

Bisous Jessie


Quotes and thoughts.

"La nostalgie, c'est le désir d'on ne sait quoi" - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I am just reading this book about how to survive in Paris and how Parishians really are, this is were I found this quote and thought by myself: " Well this shows exactly how I think one feels in Paris." Always on the look for something new. Having the desire to discover something else. Never stopping always moving- you and even Paris.

xx Jessie                                                                         



winny the pooh.

“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?" asked Piglet.
"Even longer," Pooh answered.
- A. A. Milne





It is easy to sit up and take notice, what is difficult is getting up and taking action- Honore de Balzac




"Mein Kopf ist so voller Pläne das er in Flammen zu stehen scheint." - Marie Sklodowska (Curie), März 1889

Genau so geht es meinem Kopf auch! So viel zu entdecken, so viel zu sehen, so viel zu machen auf dieser Welt!



Heelloo people out there,

Finally spring has arrived in Paris or at least say April with all it sudden rain showers and you aren't at all sure how many layers you should wear. way.way.way. I am a bit clueless about what I should write today so i think all i can say is enjoy life, life your dreams and do what you wanna do because everything you want to do is reachable if you keep believing in yourself. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

easter. :) 


Weekend Normandie/Bretagne


And of I went to another trip with the "tobeerasmusinparis" and i have to say i really love to go on these trips it's really fun, you see alot and mix with loads of different cultures and different people they are all so interessting and different. I feel as if I learn something whenever I go there and all those people make me believe I can do what ever I want to do and that there are so many different possibilities and options! It's so fun! Everytime I come back I am just so happy and full of new experiences and happieness. aaw, I could go on for hours about much I love love love it! :)

Welll anyways this time i went of to the Normandie/Bretagne, I was so excited and happy it had worked out because I booked it only a few days in advance. Well so the first village we visited was Honfleur, it is located on the Southern bank of the estuary of the Seine and is how you would say on French "à côte" of the "Pont the Normandie" which is a cable-stayed road bridge over the Seine linking Le Havre to Honfleur, we drove past it and it looks pretty impressive. It has an amazing old picturesque port which impresses every year many visitors and has was aswell admired by many artist to which we can count as well Impressionist like Claude Monet. But beside the port there are a few little cute streets with little adorable little shops and museums and as well the 'Sainte-Chatherine Church' which is the largest church made of wood in France, around the church there is a cute little market located- where you are able to try fruit, sausages, cheese and cidre. Not to forget to mention is that Samuel de Champlain set of from Honfleur in 1608 of to an expedition and foundet the city of Quebec in Canada. So we smelled a bit of sea air and wandered around the little vilage it was lovely!

Chanellie. :)  


After that we went of to Deuville and we saw the BEACH!! It was truely amazing we just stayed so long on the beach took pictures dipped our feet into the cold water. OH MY I LOOOVE THE SEASIDE! All the time when we were in Deuville I had the Kooks Song - Seaside in my head, for those of you who don't know it listen to it it's amazing! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_RZLAxsa8Q)                                                                                                          Along the beach is the "Promenade des Planches", where beach closet are dedicated to famous actors and moviemakers that have come to Deauville. As Deuville is know for it's international Film Festivals. As we were wondering through Deuville I realized how wealthy it really is it is a home for Frances upper class with it's Casions, villas and race cources. Walking through the city it felt more like Disneyland because everything seemed to be done perfectly no dirt, no ugly houses, designer boutiques- one good world :)!


The evening and next morning we stayed in Saint-Malo, which is a little city which is a "walled port city", it so well visited by tourists because of it's ancient building. As we were in Brittany now we had Galletes, Crêpes and cidre for dinner. Yum! After the evening out we spend the next morning wandering around the city, the beach and on top of the wall were from you had an amazing few to all the little islands in the English Channel.


Our last stop was finally the Mont Saint-Michel, which is an island commune and has a population of about 44. The strategie of the island since anciennte times which is God, the abbey and the monastry at the top and than below the housing and stores and outside the walls the farmer's and fishermen's housings. Due to it's possition it is unconquerable and remained like that even during the 100 years war, but it was turned into a state prison and than the abbey was used more as a prison.

Besides the Eiffeltower it is the most visited place in France, as well it's part of the UNESCO lists of World Heritage Sites. I myself thought it was more impressive from the bottom then when you looked up and saw the stunning island, as when you were inside of the abbey there were just big empty halls. But still it was an amazing view from the top. :)

We got to taste some biscuits :)


Parisian magic

Paris the place where magic happens,  the place where people fall in love, where lovers go, the city of lights, I can't even think off all the names Paris has because there are 1001 of them!

But what i believe in is this, everybody finds something special i this city. It doesn't matter if it's a pair of shoes or the dress of your dreams, or if you even find yourself, the love of your life- as frenchman are supposed to be the best lovers. I don't know, something is waiting in this city for everybody I am sure, you just have to try !                                                                   

This was just jumping through my mind while i was looking through a few of the pictures I have been taking lately.


Shakespear and Co.

My most favorite place in Paris!

By now living for quite a while in Paris I have my favorite sports and corners. One of them is the most unique bookstore in the world, the Shakespear & Co. I know it means a lot to alot of different people all over the world and so it does for me. As soon as I set foot into this special place i felt something changeing in my self- it is like to be in a different world in there, a different planet. Your story isn't important, what you have achieved so far in life isn't important, just oneself counts, just your thoughts count. It's such a island of calmness in the busy life of Paris. It's a island of "Englishness"- eventhough it seems like such a touristy place it isn't at all. It's such a place of creativity and life.

The bookstore is filled into the tiniest corner with books and it is just buzzing with stories and different ways of seeing life. But there's not only the bookstore but as well a area where you can read, books which aren't for sale, a piano/bookroom, an old typewriter,lots of space to let one'n mind wander, corners to write and as well a wall where you can leave litte notes, quotes, thoughts, lifestories- as well it has so many thrilling events.

Everytime I go there I feel as if all my worries fade away.Everytime I go there I feel part of something very special.

If you ever have the change to come close to the Notre Dame, please please make sure you go there, close your eyes and take a deep breath.                                                                                                                                           Let this place make you feel special and be part of this 'attitude of life' which is given here to you.

xx Jessie

PS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojBmzMCNxpM (lovely description of the store!!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k1VV1j_k08 (about the store by Sylvia Whitman and bit of the history of the store)

One of the lovely notes left in the bookshop!


Week-End Aux Chateaux De La Loire

Hello there,

Soo last weekend I decided to leave Paris for a weekend and discover a different part of France. Ruth and me booked a trip to "Le Chateaux De La Loire" with (tobeerasmusinparis.com the most amazing organisation to do travelling with!!), a weekend of pacing through the Châteaus were Kings and Queens used to live with a fun group of adventerous travellers- I do sound very odd but I just love the imagination that we could slip into a different time shift. Just close our eyes, blink once, one flap of an eyelash and dadum in a different timezone, alover a different world, different traditions, different people, never seen people, different fashion and different styles of behavior and food. It reminds me so much of the movie "Kate & Leopold". My imagination goes wild in places like these.

So there were three Châteaus to see, the first one was the Château de Chenonceau as well know as the "Chateau des Dames, because mostly ladys used to live on the castle it was built in 1513 by Katharina Briçonnet and afterwards embellished by Diana de Poitiers and afterwards by Catherine de Médicis. During the French Revolution it was saved by Louise Dupin, so it is easy to see how it got to it's name. The Castles is built over the Loire river and if you are in the castle you have an extraordinary view on the river and bits of the gardens, if you are lucky enough to visite during summer. The gardens around the castle were lovely eventhough spring hasn't fully arrived here jet, you can walk through a maze were the inhabitants used to play in, a 16. Century farm, a flower and vegetable garden and so much more. I have to say it is really a lovely place to be and as well the most visited private historic momnument in France. 

On Saturday we didn't viste any more castles but instead went to the city of Tours were we would stay the night and wandered around the old city there and visited the Cathedral of Tours which is a gothic church which was first built in 338 but had to be rebuilt several times over the centuries.The outside really was impressive with all it's ornamentation, were as the inside was rather dissapointing in comparison. We strolled around and because it was 5 o'clock and Ruth is British we need to have our daily cup of tea. ;) After getting to the Hotel we had a bit of a rest before heading of to have dinner, drinks and a bit of dancing with the rest of the travel group, which included 55 people (who didn't all come out for dinner) and was a mix of 22 different nationalities. Hey Ho!                                                                                          

The next morning we had a quick breakfast and than took of to the Chateau de Cheverny which is still inhabited by the owners. The Château is very cute and you can really imagine living there, because it seems pretty homey. It has as well a flower and vegetable garden which I liked more than the one on the Chenonceau Château. But the Château is actually pretty famous for the hunt and their special dogs, they look like huge Beagels but are called "Les Chenils" really really cute dogs.

After this Château we had one more Château to go the Château de Chambord this one is just immense. It is the biggest Château of all the Châteaus in the Loire region, it was built in the first half of the 16. Century and was built as a hunt and grandiosity castle, as it was built in a swamp there were lots of mosquitoes. As a result of that people never stayed very long in this castle eventhough it's architecture from the outside and as well the double staircase is amazing! The staircase has two entrences so you can come down and if you are trying not be seen together you can just pretend you weren't together whilst taking a different staircase. As well there are the carriages which were maide by Hermes which is now a very well know and expensive fashin label.The castle and the architecture were really nice I have to say but some of the rooms were just so empty of course because there weren't people who lived permanetly in there, I know but it was just so freezing cold in there. I wonder how the people could sleep in this cold building without freezing themselves almost to death.


Thinking of all of this I really would like to jump for a day into a different time buut I wouldn't want to live there. I mean people had to sleep sitting in their bed, because lying was the position of death. As well people got married so young and couldn't even chose who they wanted to be with because the parents needed to chose with whom they were so that they would remain in peace with different monarchs. All those strict rules and all those ways of behavior, the dress order and cheating, beeing followed by fear and as well poverty. It is fascinating but still I have to say I like were I am right now.

Hugs & Kisses. Jessie



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